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Korean-British joint music documentary short film ‘The Road’ invited to international film festivals

Updated: Nov 13

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 10th November 2023

The music documentary short film 'The Gil (2023),' which depicts the process of remaking the famous songs "Gil" and "One Candlelight" by the group God, has been invited to an international short film festival.

While attention is focused on the remake of God's 'The Road' and 'One Candlelight' in the music documentary short film 'The Road' (directed by Chun Setpuel and Ko Bongso) commemorating the 140th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and the UK, 'The Road' is being screened at the Bright International Film Festival in the UK. It was also invited to the Scandinavian International Film Awards.


The music documentary short film 'The Road' is a work that depicts the process of four British artists remaking popular songs 'The Road' and "One Candlelight." The film was entirely filmed on location in London over the course of a month.

Johnny Copley, a talented musician who has been active in both the UK and the US, Park Seung-woo, a Korean-British rapper, and Ruth Guillem Gomez, a British indie singer who is so passionate about K-pop that she appeared on the SBS stage two years ago. A total of four artists, including Guillem Gomez and Nicole Hardisson Hernandez, depict their journey of finding their own identity and direction.

'The Road,' which fosters friendships through the honest sharing of stories through music and simultaneously evokes sympathy from all, marks the directorial debut of Chun Setpuel, a new Korean-British director. Director Ko Bongso, who also served as the director of photography, is a hip-hop rapper-turned-artist. Both of them expressed, "It is meaningful to rediscover the songs that brought me comfort during my adolescence while being in England."

Lee Hyerim, CEO of FRONTROW, the production company of ‘The Road,' said, “I was able to see how Korea's representative melodies and lyrics resonate with British musicians, and witness new musical interpretations. With this opportunity at hand, we plan to make numerous attempts in the future."

In this way, the fact that K-pop is a topic of interest not only in Korea but also abroad, has been reexamined through 'The Gil.' Additionally, the insert songs of 'The Gil' will be released worldwide through platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Melon in December.

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