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With a Focus Title Track and Visuals

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 26th May 2023

Los Angeles, CA (May 26th, 2023) - 17-year-old Dominican rap phenom J Noa, releases debut EP "Autodidacta" today via Sony Music CAC. The EP comes with a focus-titled track and visuals which are a powerful display of her lyrical prowess and versatility as a rapper and artist. The self-proclaimed “daughter of rap” utilizes her razor-sharp lyrics to create consciousness and talk about her real-life experiences as a black woman growing up in one of the toughest neighborhoods of Santo Domingo and being a woman in the male-dominated rap game. "Autodidacta" comprises seven songs produced by a stellar line-up of beat makers including Mauro de Tommaso (Nicki Nicole, Cazzu,) Brasa (Bad Bunny, Yandel, J Lo,) Nipo809 (Martha Heredia, El Cienty,) Nico Clínico, and HV (Papaa Tyga, Marcelo EL MC.)

Earlier this year, J Noa was featured on Ebro Darden's Discovered on Apple Music with her song “Qué Fue?” and on Billboard Latin’s On The Radar. Her single “Betty,” landed her playlist covers on SoundCloud and TIDAL and she has been featured on several prominent media outlets including Rolling Stone, NPR, Vibe Magazine, Pop Sugar, CNN en Español, Univision, Telemundo, People en Español, Latina Magazine, Refinery Somos and Remezcla, amongst many others! The incredible amount of praise she’s received from critics, fans, and colleagues since she went viral on YouTube just shy of two years ago, is indicative that J Noa is unstoppable and on the way to the top!

Track by Track of Autodidacta by J Noa 1. “Autodidacta” “This song is the first chapter of my career as a professional artist and it conveys strength, maturity, and intelligence. It represents the vision I had when I started working with Sony.”

2. “Betty” “I have witnessed all these situations that I condemn in my own neighborhood. My greatest desire is that anyone who finds themselves in any of these situations listens to my song and manages to get away from everything that doesn’t serve them.”

3. “Una Carta” “This song is sentimental because I wrote it at school while my classmates were sharing their stories. I wanted to showcase my different styles of creating and share the experience of the streets in the Dominican Republic.”

4. “Paranoia” “In this song, I overdose on flow which I felt was only right and very necessary for my fans to hear. To let them know that yes I am rap."

5. “No Me Pueden Parar” “A message of hope for everyone who thinks they can’t accomplish their dreams and feels they’re limited when the only limit that exists is the sky.”

6. “La Niña” “A very personal song that represents things that go beyond our professional lives. My goal is for parents to pay more attention to their children and not only to take care of their financial needs but also their emotional and mental needs.”

7.“Qué Fué” “A song that I made specifically so the Dominican society sees what is not good for us as a country. Through this song, I seek to expose situations that do not favor the healthy growth of our children and youth. I was inspired by the daily life of the neighborhoods closest to me, by the injustices of the authorities, and by the crime that plagues the entire Dominican territory.”

"The outspoken rapper doesn’t hold back. With her heady, rapid-fire flow, she commands attention and we are listening. At just 17 years old, the artist displays an awareness of her environment that is as chilling as it is eye-opening." - Billboard Latin

“she's rising in the scene as an artist with a style that is reminiscent of the genre's rebellious beginnings, all while adding her own fresh take, her native Spanish language, and authentic flow to the mix.”-PopSugar

“As a part of the newest generation of urbano music, J Noa defines herself as an artist who is faithful to her style and maintains her lyrical integrity without compromising her authenticity.” -People en Español

“Defiant and longing for meaningful change, J Noa is ready to usher in a new era of socially aware rap in the landscape of el movimiento.”


Photo Credit: Gregory Polanco


Early Praise for J Noa

“J Noa’s talent is undeniable; watching her rap is a hypnotizing experience. She drags you into her fast, carefully created word play.”

-Refinery Somos

“With her fiery rap flow, J Noa shines light on these often-ignored topics that are often swept under the rug and the socioeconomic factors that contribute to them.” -Latina

“Meet the Dominican rapper who, at just 17 years old, is taking over the entire world with her rapping talents.” -Univision Uforia

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