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Hyolyn's (효린) progress from establishing a one-person agency to becoming Korea's leading diva

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 27th July 2023

HYOLYN former SISTER K-pop girl group member

As the number of idol-turned-artists establishing one-person agencies has increased, the public is once again paying attention to Hyolyn's journey from establishing her agency to becoming a diva representing Korea.

Hyolyn (효린) released her new song ‘This Love?’ (feat. Paul Blanco) through various online music sites at 6 PM on July 12. ‘This Love?’ (feat. Paul Blanco) is a song depicting the love story of two young men and women, and is receiving great love from the public as it expresses the sensibility of summer with Hyolyn’s sensibility.

Although they released a new song after about a year, they showed off even stronger firepower. As the number of idol-turned-artists establishing one-person agencies has increased, attention is being paid once again to Hyolyn, who became the first girl group to establish a one-person agency and rose to her current position.

Hyolyn, who debuted as a member of SISTAR and was loved as a representative summer artist, set out on her own by establishing Brid3 (Bridge) Entertainment in 2017 after much deliberation after the group disbanded. Hyolyn's sincerity in serving as a bridge for communication with the public through various musical attempts was expressed in the name of her agency, Brid3 (Bridge).

It is true that at the time, the news of Hyolyn's establishment of a one-person agency was met with concern as it was rare for an artist from an idol group to establish a one-person agency. However, Hyolyn is creating representative songs, starting with 'To Do Lost,' 'Dally,' 'SEE SEA,' 'BAE,' and 'Layin' Low.' By directly participating in the production, including writing and composing lyrics, she has laid the foundation for continuing her career as a solo artist for a long time by incorporating her style.

In addition, Hyolyn went on stage wherever there was a stage, including solo concerts and university festivals, and worked passionately with the audience on-site, developing into a performing artist and proudly overcoming the limitations of a one-person agency.

In this way, Hyolyn, who has steadily grown as an artist for over 5 years since the establishment of her one-person agency, appeared on Mnet's 'Queendom 2' last year and showed off the know-how she had accumulated so far, showing off her outstanding performance even among girl groups. She has become an all-round artist representing POP and is setting an example for many younger singers.

With the release of ‘This Love?’ (feat. Paul Blanco), they once again captivated the public by showing their traditional colours and music that anyone can easily enjoy. Attention is already focused on what kind of form they will return to us with next time.


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