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HIGHLIGHT (하이라이트) are back with their long-awaited comeback single “NOT THE END”

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 3rd May 2021

HIGHLIGHT (하이라이트) is back with their comeback, and we love it!

HIGHLIGHT, formerly called B2ST or BEAST (비스트), debuted back in 2009 with their first single titled "Bad Girl."

Earlier today, the Around Us Entertainment boy group returned with their third mini-album, 'The Blowing.' This is their first full comeback since 'Outro' in November 2018. Since then, all the member's Doo Joon (윤두준 - Leader, Vocalist, Rapper,) Yang Yo Seob (양요섭 - Main Vocalist,) Lee Gi Kwang (이기광 - Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer, Visual) and Son Dong Woon (손동운 - Vocalist, Maknae,) have enlisted and completed their military duties last year. This added a special significance to the new release.

(Credit - HIGHLIGHT/Twitter)

Co-composed and co-written by Joo Chan Yang, Lavin, and Lee Gi Kwang, “Not The End” is a sentimental pop ballad that offers a warm and comforting reassurance. The song starts calm like a cold winter’s day and eventually explodes into a chorus filled with warm synth sounds. The lyrics convey the hopeful message that this is a new beginning rather than the end. This gives a reassuring message to their fans upon their long-awaited return.

'The Blowing' is the HIGHLIGHT's first release without original member Junhyung who left the group in March 2019.

(Credit - HIGHLIGHT/Twitter)

Earlier today, the quartet participated in an online press conference to commemorate the release of their third mini-album, "The Blowing." During the interview, HIGHLIGHT Lee Gi Kwang conveyed his thoughts about being able to come back alongside other second-generation idol groups like SHINee and 2PM. The second generation of K-pop started in 2003 until 2011.

He said it felt good HIGHLIGHT was able to return to the music scene at the same time as other K-pop groups who are in the same generation as them. Lee Gi Kwang mentioned SHINee, who recently finished promoting their two albums, "Don't Call Me" and "Atlantis." The HIGHLIGHT member also noted 2PM is making their comeback soon. Lee Gi Kwang added they are happy seeing both SHINee and 2PM active in the K-pop industry once again.He also expressed his hope of reaching the public with their music.

HIGHLIGHT Do Joon thanked SHINee’s Minho. He shared that Minho contacted him when he enlisted in the military, so he did the same thing to the SHINee member. He continued that they also communicated with each other after completing their military service.

Do Joon further stated he and Minho are not very close, but they are supportive of each other. The HIGHLIGHT member went on saying, that whenever he watches SHINee's promotions, he feels good and supports them. HIGHLIGHT Do Joon also expressed his hope of winning in forthcoming music shows.

(HIGHLIGHT Chart ranking one hour following the release of their comeback album)

HIGHLIGHT made their comeback with 'NOT THE END" earlier today, 3rd May 2021, at 6 PM KST. Doo Joon, Yo Seob, Gi Kwang, and Dong Woon have also released their new mini-album, "The Blowing."

"The Blowing" is an album conveying the message of the HIGHLIGHT members returning to the K-Pop scene following their extended hiatus. In the album title track, "NOT THE END." The MV for "NOT THE END" also dropped at the same time as the album release. Lee Gi Kwang is one of the choreographers for “NOT THE END.”

The groups third mini-album 'The Blowing' contains a total of 6 brand-new tracks: the title track "The Blowing" composed and written by Pollen, Lavin, and member Gi Kwang, as well as "Wave", "It's Night", "Sorry", "Disconnected", and "Surf"!

Check out “NOT THE END” on 1TheK’s Suit Dance.

Suit Dance HIGHLIGHT (수트댄스_하이라이트) is currently trending at #4 in South Korea following the release of HIGHLIGHT's (하이라이트) performance of "NOT THE END" on 1theK.

Reflecting on the reaction around the world to HIGHLIGHT's comeback today, we think it is simple to say everyone is glad it's "Not The End" for HIGHLIGHT.

[OFFICIAL] HIGHLIGHT (하이라이트) - "The Blowing" is now out on:

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