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Folk duo Moon So-moon (문소문), to present a creative music play titled "Blooming Like Flames"

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 24th May 2023

Folk duo Moon So-moon (문소문), who sings stories, will present a creative music play called “Blooming Like Flames” (불꽃처럼 피는’에는) at Daehangno Theater Quad on June 17th.

In 2020, Moon So-moon (문소문) released her first full-length album "Red Eyes" (붉은 눈) by grafting the theme of witch-hunting into a fairy tale worldview. Along with the praise for the birth of high-quality music that combines new musical attempts, it brought a fresh shock to the indie scene. He was also introduced on Ryuichi Sakamoto's radio and was widely recognised for his musicality by appearing in many performances, including invitations to the Jarasum Jazz Festival and Imjinmo Book Concert.

Moon So-Moon (문소문) "Red Eyes" (붉은 눈)

Actress Jeong Ha-dam (정하담), choreographer Jemma, Song Joo-in (송주인), percussionist Son Won-jin (손원진), and bassist Kim Chul-son (김철순) will participate in the music play 'Blooming Like Fire' (불꽃처럼 피는’에는), which will be held at Daehangno Theater Quad on June 17.

Actress Jeong Ha-dam (정하담), who participated in the narration, made her name to the public with the movie, Decision to Break Up and the Netflix drama, Sweet Home, and won the Best New Female Award and Best Actress Award at the Korea Film Critics Association Award and the Wild Flower Film Awards. In addition, choreographer Jemma, who directed a number of choreographies for Twice, KAI, Seventeen, and Nu'est, and Joo-in Song (송주인), a contemporary dance choreographer, also participated to add to the artistic quality and beauty of directing.

The performance will be held in a runway format. The story of red eyes progresses as Moon So-moon's (문소문) music and choreography performances exchange. In addition, all visitors will be presented with a scenario book containing scenarios and photos.

This music play will be hosted by Cacophony, a member of Moon So Moon (문소문), and was produced with the support of the Arts Council Korea. Reservations will be available from May 26 through Interpark Tickets.

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