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Dreamcatcher Return with a Seoul Halloween Concert

By Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 20th October 2022

DREAMCATCHER [Apocalypse: Broken Halloween] 2022 World Tour offline and the online concert is set to take place on October 29th, at 7:00 PM, and October 30th at 4:00 PM (KST) online streaming platform with MyMusicTaste. Ticket sales will open from October 14, 2022, at 7:30 PM (KST) on Melon Ticket for the offline concert and MyMusicTaste for online streaming.

Dreamcatcher will hold both online and offline at the same time, joining more audiences and communicating with Insomnia (the official fandom name) worldwide. Through this Halloween concert, Dreamcatcher not only prepared a set list that can clearly show the group's color and charm but also plans to complete a performance that can be enjoyed together with a sense of realism, including a rich band session and the stage of the recently released seventh mini-album "Apocalypse: Follow Us."

Photo Credit - Twitter

The recently released seventh mini-album "Apocalypse: Follow Us", is proving its global influence with records. Shortly after its release, it topped the iTunes Worldwide Album Chart and topped the top album charts in 21 countries, including the United States, Britain, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Indonesia, and Finland, boasting the true value of steady growth. In addition, Dreamcatcher’s to hold a European tour in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, the UK, and France sequentially from November 14th, following the domestic Halloween concert, signaling a meeting with fans through active activities until the second half of this year.

Tickets for DREAMCATCHER [Apocalypse: Broken Halloween] 2022 World Tour’s online streaming will be available through MyMusicTaste.

Information regarding ticketing for the shows can be found on: MyMusicTaste

DREAMCATCHER [Apocalypse: Broken Halloween] 2022 World Tour October 29th, 2022, 7:00 PM (KST) & October 30th, 2022, 4:00 PM (KST) - MyMusicTaste

Dreamcatcher’s seven members: JI U, SU A, SIYEON, HANDONG, YOOHYEON, DAMI, GAHYEON

Photo Credit - MyMusicTaste

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