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"Countdown Fantasy 2023-2024" The Last festival of 2023, 1st Lineup Announced

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 2nd November 2023

The last festival of the year, 'COUNTDOWN FANTASY 2023-2024 (CDF),' is scheduled to be held at KINTEX on December 30th and 31st and has revealed its first lineup. The lineup includes 14 bands representing Korea, ranging from groups with a clear fan base to groups loved by the public. This lineup became a hot topic when 8 groups were surprisingly revealed in advance at the 'Grand Mint Festival 2023.'

A total of 7 acts were revealed as the first lineup on December 30th. Seven groups will include non-stop music from acts such as 'MY AUNT MARY', 'Flowering', and 'No, but Really,' which resumed their activities last year after 9 years and are so active that their hiatus is insignificant. 'LUCY,' which is loved by the public not only for releasing hit songs but also showing off perfect live skills, has not only secured the strongest fan base among Korean bands, but has also built a solid musical world through brand performances such as the year-end concert 'Bulgukyung' 'THORNAPPLE', 'Na Sang-hyun Band', which has an attractive combination of easy-to-follow melodies and warm lyrics, and 'off the menu', which stands out for its popular sound based on synth pop, while being languid. '87dance', which has an attractive mysterious atmosphere, was included.


On December 31st, the last day of the year, the lineup includes 'Dear Cloud,' which resonates with the public with its unrivalled sensibility, 'Silica Gel,' which has captivated the public with its psychedelic sound, and 'Silica Gel', are leaping forward as a global band with a successful tour of North America and Asia. Starting with 'SURL,' 'Touched,' 'Sultan of the Disco,' 'Parasol,' 'Jang Ki-ha and the Faces,' and 'Hyukoh,' who are emerging as the top performers at various festivals with their spectacular stage manners and electrifying live performances. 'Stuffed Man,' whose members are coming together to create a new stir, 'Jacking Kong,' a super rookie in the band world, and '9001 (NINETY O ONE)' were introduced in the first round.

The organizer 'Mint Paper,' which holds major domestic festivals such as 'Beautiful Mint Life,' ' Grand Mint Festival,' ' Have a Nice Day,' 'Have a Nice Trip,' and 'Hip Hop Playa Festival,' has the first lineup. In addition to the announcement, 'CDF will be a festival like a comprehensive band gift set where all lineups are bands,' and 'There is also great interest in the second lineup and various contents of Countdown Fantasy 2023-2024, which will feature 30 acts on a total of 2 stages.

Official tickets for 'Countdown Fantasy 2023-2024,' which allows you to catch the latest trends in the Korean band world, can be purchased at Interpark and WeMakePrice from 2 PM on November 8th. Various information, including major schedules, can be found on the organizer Mint Paper website and You can check it out through Countdown Fantasy’s official SNS.

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