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Actor Highlight - Oh Hee-jun

Rosa Gulliver of TINYGMUSIC | 16th October 2023

'Jewel of Chungmuro ' actor Oh Hee-jun attracts attention with limitless character transformation!

He appeared in 'Concrete Utopia,' Disney+ 'Moving,' and '1947 Boston,' so who is he? Let's find out a little more about him.

Actor Oh Hee-jun
Photo Credit: Management District

Oh Hee-jun appeared as 'Kim Nae-kwan' in the tvN drama 'Youth's Tale' this spring and was loved for his powerful presence with realistic acting . Oh Hee-jun, who won the Special Jury Award in the acting category at the 2017 Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival and the Great Actor Award at the 2018 Great Short Film Festival, has long been renowned as the ‘Gem of Chungmuro.’ In particular, let's take a look at his performance as a scene stealer regardless of genre of movies and dramas this year .

2023, scene-stealer actor

Concrete Utopia

Actor Oh Hee-jun in Concrete Uptopia
Concrete Uptopia - Photo Credit: Actor Oh Hee-jun's Instagram

'Concrete Utopia' is a disaster thriller that tells the story of Seoul, which was devastated by a major earthquake, with survivors gathering at the only remaining 'Hwanggung Apartment.' Oh Hee-jun appeared as a beggar and captured attention as an unconventional scene stealer.

Disney+ Moving

Disney+ ‘Moving’ with actor Oh Hee-jun
Photo Credit: Disney+ ‘Moving’ Capture

‘Moving,’ a superpower action hero film. Oh Hee-jun appeared as a police officer who visited Jeongwon High School in the last episode. Appearing in a police car, he naturally checked the situation and stole everyone's attention with his realistic acting, including the appearance of being embarrassed on the phone with the police chief.

Boston, 1947

Boston 1947 Actor Oh Hee-jun’
Actor Oh Hee-jun’s Instagram

'1947 Boston' is a story depicting the challenges and thrilling journey of marathon runners to compete in international competitions wearing the Taegeuk symbol for the first time after liberation in 1947. Oh Hee-jun spends a long time with Seo Yun-bok (played by Im Si-wan) and actively supports his marathon talent. He played the role of ‘Dong-gu’ and brought vitality to the play.

Oh Hee-jun, who brought different characters to life in 4 works in 2023 with his own unique charm in a three-dimensional way. He is building a solid filmography with a wide spectrum of characters. In addition, he has appeared in films such as 'Exit,' 'My Exciting Life,' 'Socialphobia,' 'The Villain,' and 'Broker,' as well as dramas such as 'Youth's Tale' and 'My ID.' He has also appeared in various works such as 'Gangnam Beauty,' 'Cheese in the Trap,' 'Readers of the Heart of Evil,' and 'Green Mother's Club,' and played an active role as a scene stealer with extraordinary character digestion ability. In particular, he captured the attention of viewers with his powerful, anger-inducing performance as Son Myung-hwan in Netflix's 'Now Our School.' Expectations are high for actor Oh Hee-jun, who will continue to show infinite transformation and passionate acting through various works.

Meanwhile, the movies 'Concrete Utopia' and '1947 Boston' starring actor Oh Hee-jun can be seen in theaters, and 'Moving' can be streamed on Disney+. Oh Hee-jun shared his current status through his agency, Management Koo, saying that he is considering his next work in addition to filming a short film.

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Thank you MANAGEMENT KOO for allowing TINYgMUSIC to cover Oh Hee-jun's activities and promotions.

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